How can I use the Windows Server 2003 domain controller (DC) install-from-media function to promote a Windows 2003 server to a DC?

A. After you create a system-state backup of an existing DC in the same domain as the server you want to promote and restore that backup to a location accessible to the server (e.g., local hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD) that you're promoting, perform the following steps:

  1. Start Dcpromo in advanced mode--go to Start, Run, and type
    dcpromo /adv 
  2. When the introduction screen appears, click Next.
  3. When the compatibility screen appears, click Next.
  4. Select "Additional domain controller for an existing domain," then click Next.
  5. Select "From these restored backup files" (as this Figure shows), browse to the location of the system-state restoration, then click Next.
  6. If the restoration was from a DC that served as a Global Catalog (GC) server, Dcpromo will ask you whether the new DC should be a GC. Make your selection, then click Next.
  7. Enter the name of a domain administrator account in the new DC's domain, then click Next.
  8. Enter the locations where you want to store the Active Directory (AD) information, then click Next.
  9. Enter a location where you want to store SYSVOL, then click Next.
  10. Enter a restore mode password in both boxes, then click Next.
  11. On the summary screen, click Next to begin the promotion process.
  12. After the DC promotion is complete, click Finish.
  13. Click Restart Now.
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