How can I kill an orphaned process?

A. When a service terminates abnormally, it can sometimes leave an "orphaned" child process behind.

If you have the resource kit you can use the following to view a list of all processes and their relationship to one-an-other.

C:\> tlist -t

To then kill a process use

C:\> kill <process name or id>

If this fails add -F to force the kill, e.g. kill -F <process name or id>. If this still fails you could try submitting the kill command as it will then run under the computers built in System account:

C:\> AT <time> /INTERACTIVE CMD /C KILL -F <process name or id>

(you would need the schedule service to be running for this to work, net start schedule).

If this still fails one last approach is possible using the Resource Kit PVIEW.EXE utility:

  1. Start PVIEW.EXE (Start - Run - PVIEW)
  2. Select the process you wish to kill from the drop down list
  3. Click the Process button in the Security section
  4. Grant the Administrators "All Access" to the process. Click OK
  5. Repeat for Thread and P.Token
  6. Close PLIST
  7. Use kill.exe to terminate the process

If none of the above works you will have to reboot.

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