How can I create a share on another machine over the network?

A. A. From a Windows NT Server machine a share can be created by opening Server Manager, highlight the target system, select Computer, Shared Directories, and click on New Share.

The Windows NT Resource kit comes with a utility called RMTSHARE.EXE and this can be used to create shares on other machines providing you have sufficient privilege. The basic syntax is as follows

rmtshare \\<computer name>\"<share name to be created>"="<path>" /remark="<share description>"
e.g. rmtshare \\savillmain\miscfiles=d:\files\misc /remark="General files"

You only need to use double quotes around the share to be created and the path if there are spaces in the share/file name, e.g. if the share was to be called misc files instead of miscfiles it would have to be in quotes, e.g.

rmtshare \\savillmain\"misc files"="d:\my files\misc" /remark="With space share"

There is also a wizard to share and administer your NT server c:\%systemroot%\system32\wizmgr.exe.

Remember share names cannot contain the " / \ \[ \] : | < > + ; , ? * = characters.

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