How can I configure multiple Logon Servers with LMHOSTS?

A. Service Pack 4 adds support for multiple domain controllers for a single domain to be configured in the LMHOSTS file (located in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc). Normally when a computer starts, the WINS server is queried for any \[1C\] entries, domain controllers, and it will return a list. This list is not geographically aware and you could be given a domain controller on the other side of the world.

An alternative is to specify a list of domain controllers in the LMHOSTS file (which is now checked before WINS is #PRE is in the entry) and have different LMHOSTS files in different regions.

Example entries in the file would be titanic #PRE #DOM:SAVILLTECH cuttysark #PRE #DOM:SAVILLTECH

You will need to ensure the computer is configured to use the LMHOSTS file

  1. Right click on Network Neighborhood and select Properties
  2. Select the Protocol's tab
  3. Select "TCP/IP Protocol" and click Properties
  4. Select "WINS address"
  5. Check the "Enable LMHOSTS Lookup" box
  6. Click Apply then OK
  7. You will need to restart the computer

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