How can I check if a user is logged on via Terminal Server?

A. Starting the Terminal Services Manager MMC snap-in (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Terminal Services Manager) will list user processes by machine but this may be cumbersome if a large number of terminal servers are running. It can also be done with the following command:

query user \[<user name>\] \[/server:<server name>\]

For example

C:\> query user
>administrator  console    0   Active          . 09/05/99 18:19
 savillj        rdp-tcp#1  1   Active         10 09/05/99 14:23

The above lists all users.

You can also check what the user is running with the QPROCESS command:

C:\> qprocess <user name>

To check who is running a certain program (e.g. winword.exe)

C:\> qprocess <process>

will list all users running the passed program.

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