@Home expands into new U.S. markets

A T1 in every home? The dream of constant high-speed Internet access got a little closer to reality this week when the @Home network, suppliers of cable modem Internet access, announced this week that it had signed ten new distribution agreements in North America that will open the service up to ten million homes. These agreements, along with existing @Home cable affiliates, gives the company access to half of all the homes at get cable TV in North America. Companies signing the pact with @Home include Century Communications, Insight Communications, Bresnan Communications Company, Lenfest Communications, Jones Intercable, Cogeco, and Garden State Cable. This will bring the high speed Internet access--which blows away the speeds offered by rival modems, ISDN lines, and DSL--to Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Indiana, Illinois, the northern Midwest, Philadelphia, southern New Jersey, Delaware, Washington state, Washington D.C., and Quebec, Ontario.

@Home will begin deployment of cable modem access to these regions by the end of this year. If you live in one of these places, rejoice: Once you've experienced the speed of cable modem, using anything less is like swimming in molasses

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