Hewlett-Packard Nimbly Forms Agilent Technologies

On July 28, Hewlett-Packard announced its new diversified technology company, Agilent Technologies, at what it called a historic brand-identity launch. Prior to this point, HP had spun off its test and measurements subdivision, its communications components subdivision, and a few other subdivisions. Now the company is melding the following business units into Agilent:

  • Test and Measurements, which consists of the Automated Test Group, specializing in designing and manufacturing automated test tools for semiconductors and circuit-boards; the Communications Solutions Group, specializing in global networks; and the Electronic Products and Solutions Group, specializing in general-purpose electronics test instruments for manufacturers, laboratories, and repair shops
  • Chemical Analysis Group
  • Healthcare Solutions Group
  • Semiconductor Products Group HP’s computer business and imaging business will continue under the HP name and logo and expand into the services and Internet businesses. The businesses that now make up Agilent were a significant part of the HP complex. In the 1998 fiscal year, these subdivisions contributed approximately 17 percent of HP’s $47.1 billion revenue for a total of $8.0 billion. HP created the Agilent name from the root word "agile," which means nimble and well-coordinated, mentally quick and resourceful. The company believes this name reflects its focus on providing breakthrough products and services with agility, speed, and commitment to its customers. The color of the new logo comes from HP’s old company color, which the company abandoned when it entered the computer and printing business. The logo, called the spark of insight, is intended to represent Agilent’s links to the HP tradition
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