Help with the Nexus DISCUSS page and additions to the Web site

I've been looking at some threaded discussion group software this week and I'm wondering if anyone has any preferences or experience with this type of thing. The one I'm leaning toward is O'Reilly's WebBoard, but I can't get it set up on my Windows 95 box so I'm going to try and test it on my NT Server machine soon. Also, If anyone knows of any live chat software they can point me to, I'd appreciate it. I'm fooling around with the IE 3 Chat ActiveX control, but Netscape users won't be able to use that and I need something that will work for everybody.

Also, I added a new Web publishing article to the Web publishing part of the Nexus Web site last night: "Displaying a database with ASP script and ADO." It details my experiences getting the WinInfo database on the Web using Visual InterDev, Active Server Pages, and Active Data Objects. It's pretty long and graphic-heavy, and I will continue it next month with information on how I created the WinInfo search engine.

I also updated the Mailbag page the other night and added a "What's new?" page so users can easily track changes to the site. The file is called whatsnews.asp

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