Hackers release BackOrifice CD with a virus

Does this one fall under "poetic justice" or "you get what you pay for"? It's hard to say, but wonderfully ironic either way, because the hackers that created BackOrifice 2000 have released their Trojan horse program on a CD that contains the CIH virus. The embarrassing admission of the problem from the overly media savvy group was delivered with a humble apology.

"It makes us look like idiots," said one of the hackers. "We don't know how the virus got onto our CDs."

The group says that the downloadable version of their program does not contain the virus, but I'm not sure why anyone would trust these people to begin with. Known only by childish online names, members of the group hide their true identities while asking corporate America to somehow accept their program as a legitimate systems administration tool. The only tool most corporations are going to want is the one that wipes this program off of their hard drives. Microsoft and various other companies are working on such programs now. Anti-virus vendors such as Norton/Symantec and Network Associates have updated their products with BackOrifice detectors, which will prevent this thing from getting on your system in the first place

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