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Group Policy Preferences for IE 11

Q: I'm missing Group Policy Preferences for Internet Explorer 11; where can I get this collection?

A: Group Policy Preferences allows more of a Control Panel-type experience for managing configurations and can be used to set an initial state without ongoing enforcement. When you create a new Internet Explorer preference, you select the Internet Explorer version as shown in the following figure.

Notice that even on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2, there's no Internet Explorer 11 item. The good news is the Internet Explorer 10 preferences also apply to Internet Explorer 11 because Microsoft changed the preference (and policy) targeting; rather than being equal to Internet Explorer 10, it's now equal to or greater than Internet Explorer 10—meaning it also applies to Internet Explorer 11. This doesn't give preference configurations for new Internet Explorer 11 capabilities, but it will allow configuration of settings that were present in Internet Explorer 10.

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