Get Windows 2000 hardware updates and training from Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation has unveiled a new Hardware Update Web site for Windows 2000 that connects users wishing to upgrade with the latest drivers, fixes, and other software updates needed for major PC manufacturers' products. The site allows you to select your PC system by manufacturer (Compaq, Dell, IBM, and the like), then make and model, upon which time it displays a list of the updates you'll need before you upgrade to Windows 2000.

And the site is a Godsend if you have a mainstream commercially-built system: For both my Dell XPS R400 desktop and Toshiba Satellite Pro 490XCDT laptop, I was able to update to the latest ACPI-compatible BIOSes and install new copies of Windows 2000 RC3 that can take advantage of this feature. Previous to the upgrades, Windows 2000 saw each system as having legacy APM support, not ACPI.

For more information, please visit the Hardware Update Web site

On a related note, Microsoft has also unveiled its Windows 2000 Learning Center, a Web site that contains the most up-to-date training resources for Microsoft. In addition to finding trainer-led classes, the Windows 2000 Learning Center also includes access to a slew of free online and downloadable training courses and commercially available training kits from Microsoft Press.

For more information, please visit the Windows 2000 Learning Center

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