Get ready for Windows the movies!

Developers are probably used to the " the movies" events the company has held over the past few years, but now Microsoft is taking its message to a broader audience. On April 4, Microsoft will host a live introduction to Windows 98 that will play in 38 movie theatres in the United States and Canada via satellite. The two hour event, dubbed "Microsoft Extreme", is targeted at early adopters eager to learn more about the new operating system. It is completely free and includes free popcorn and soft drinks.

"We wanted to offer a free event for people to get a first look at Microsoft's newest technology," said Kerri Grubb, a marketing manager at Microsoft. "We want to make it fun for people, not a dry demonstration."

Microsoft expects 15,000 to 20,000 to attend the event. To attend, you must register at the Microsoft Extreme Web site

In addition to Windows 98, the live feed will include information about Outlook 98 and Money 98

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