Gateway 2000 overtakes Apple in education sales

Gateway 2000 is claiming this week that they have overtaken Apple Computer as the number one seller of desktop and portable personal computers to the U.S. education market. The company is citing numbers from Computer Intelligence, a market research company. In a statement, Gateway 2000 said it controlled 22.4% of the education market in the second quarter and 18.7% for the first half of 1997.

Apple Computer, however, disagrees.

"We have lost some ground," said Jacob Kandathil, Apple's director of marketing and sales development for education. "But our market share certainly hasn't flip-flopped like these numbers say." Unfortunately, the only proof Apple can offer is supplied by DataQuest, whose figures are generally scoffed at by the market research community. DataQuest reports that Apple still maintains 28% of the education market, compared to only 4.9% for Gateway 2000

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