Gates says Windows 98 is on track

Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates says that Windows 98 is on track for its release in June. "This year we will be launching Windows 98 midway through the year," Gates said this weekend in Sydney, Australia. Windows 98 is due for release in the second quarter of 1998, which ends June 30th: last week, OEMs working with Microsoft disclosed June 25 as the official release date.

Gates said that Windows 98 was in the final stages of beta testing--known as the "release candidate" phase--and that results in recent weeks were satisfying.

"We are getting quite confident we will be able to \[ship it by the end of June\]," he said.

Gates also mentioned that the prospect of legal action from the United States Department of Justice would not prevent the launch from happening on schedule.

"There is no legal issue about our being able to ship the fully featured and full-powered versions of \[Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0\]" Gates said. Windows NT 5.0 is due late this year at the earliest

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