Future of Eudora in doubt

A big rumor on the Net has it that telecommunications giant Qualcomm has decided to drop and/or sell its Eudora software division, which makes the excellent Eudora mail program. The rumors got so fierce, in fact, that the company had to issue an official statement today.

"We still remain committed to Eudora," said a Qualcomm spokesperson. "While it's not a key part of our software strategy, it's still a useful platform for our wireless data."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, you could say, and if the rumors are correct, development of most of Eudora's products has already ceased.

Apparently, Qualcomm has recently decided to switch to Windows CE for its line of hand-held communications devices, and since the market for email and Internet software is too small to affect the company one way or the other, it's looking to bail. Stay tuned for more developments

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