FrontPage 2000 sells one million units in four months

Though Microsoft Office 2000 isn't selling as well as the company would like, its FrontPage 2000 component is a runaway best seller when compared to other Web authoring packages, selling over one million units in just four months. This brings the number of FrontPage users to 3 million, making Microsoft's offering the number one tool for creating Web sites. Admittedly, the latest version of FrontPage is a huge improvement over the lackluster FrontPage 98.

"We are very excited to see such widespread support for FrontPage 2000 in organizations," said Tom Bailey, lead product manager for FrontPage at Microsoft. "Reaching 3 million customers highlights the fact that FrontPage offers a versatile, easy-to-use tool for creating business and personal Web sites."

Contributing to the success of FrontPage is the support of ISPs, which have offered customers the ability to use FrontPage server extensions to more easily update their sites

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