Free Tool Helps User Groups Reach Out to Members

eNews Generator lets user-group leaders pull together e-newsletters with free content from Windows IT Pro

Leading a user group is typically a labor of love for the dedicated IT pros who undertake the task. Speaking from my own experience, regularly publishing a newsletter to inform members about user-group happenings and strengthen community bonds is one of the more challenging parts of keeping a group together. Windows IT Pro's online community manager, Chris Sigfrids, saw the problem and wondered how Windows IT Pro could help.

Chris's solution was to build a tool that automatically generates e-newsletters from the thousands of free articles available in Windows IT Pro's huge content database. The eNews Generator tool, launched in April, is a free tool available to leaders of IT user groups and other groups that fall within the IT pro community. Group leaders who register for the tool also receive a free Windows IT Pro VIP Monthly Online Pass for using the eNews Generator (a $360 value), which lets you choose from more than 26,000 articles from Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP, Scripting Pro VIP, Security Pro VIP, Paul Thurrott's WinInfo, Connected Home Express, and FAQs.

Registering to use eNews Generator is easy. Just go to to get started designing, writing, and distributing high-quality HTML (or text) emails.

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