Free eBook on Windows 2003 Server Migrations

Free eBook on Windows 2003 Server Migrations

The end of life for Windows Server 2003 is coming up more quickly than you might imagine. You might believe you have enough time to replace the old OS, but as with most things, it can catch you snoozing until those critical weeks prior to the cutoff. Life is busy, particularly the life of an IT person. Trying to fit a massive server migration into the regular weekly and monthly tasks is tough. But, it has to be done.

Our own Orin Thomas has been working on a Windows Server 2003 migration series and pumping out some great information for which you should be aware. Orin has taken the migration process and pieced it out into manageable chunks. You can read all that here: Orin Thomas and Windows Server 2003.

But, there's no shortage of resources. And, while Orin is providing a valuable resource for those needing critical information for the migrations,

I came across a good eBook last week. The eBook, called Windows Server 2012 Refresh: How to Manage the Migration, is only 15 pages long, but provides some insightful ideas, tools, and processes to help vitalize the migration. The eBook is available from Dell Computer, so, of course it has a vendor bent, but it does provide some valuable information and links for piecing together your own strategy. And, if you're deep in the migration process already, it might contain some resources to keep it going and keep from getting stuck.

Here's what's in it:

And, of course, as you read through the eBook and gather concepts, Orin's series will help tie all the pieces together.

Here's where you can download the free eBook: Windows Server 2012 Refresh: How to Manage the Migration

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