And to think I was this close to sending off WinInfo today: Information Week is reporting that the state of Texas has launched an anti-trust investigation against Microsoft and that the state's attorney general is looking into coordinating the effort with other states. Texas is investigating Microsoft's business practices in the areas of Internet technology and online commerce. Microsoft was issued a civil investigative demand (CID)--a subpoena, basically--this month seeking documents related to Microsoft's Internet activities. Microsoft must respond within 30 days.

Netscape Communications was subpoenaed by the Texas attorney general's office to provide information about Microsoft's anti-trust practices. They have already responded.

The attorney general's office is investigating whether Microsoft obtains an unfair advantage by bundling its Internet Explorer Web browser with Windows. They suspect that Microsoft's business practices will impact local businesses--like Sabre, the airline reservation system--unfairly.

The United States Department of Justice has an ongoing investigation of Microsoft in the Internet market. If other states join with Texas, the government's case would be strengthened considerably.

Most interesting. Stay tuned

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