Fixing Missing Performance Counters from Server Manager

Fixing Missing Performance Counters from Server Manager

Q: I am managing a Windows Server 2012 server from Server Manager and getting an error for its performance counters--it says the Data Collector Set was not found--how do I fix it?

A: Windows Server 2012 boxes have a user-defined performance-monitor data-collector set present that contains all the performance counters needed by Server Manager (see screen shot), which is typically not started. When you select the option Start Performance Counters in Server Manager, it sets this data collector set to be started and to gather the performance information.

Server Manager Performance Counters

If you receive the error below in Server Manager for a server, the user-defined data-collector set is actually missing. This might be the result of an administrator deleting the set by mistake.

Performance counter refresh failed with the following error: Data Collector Set was not found

To fix the problem, perform the following:

  1. Log on to the server having the error.
  2. Launch Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe) and look under Data Collector Sets - User Defined, and look for Server Manager Performance Monitor. If itt's present, right-click it and select Start. Most likely it won't be present, so continue to the next step.
  3. Log on to a server whose performance counters can be monitored.
  4. Open an elevated command prompt where you will export its Server Manager Performance Monitor data collector set by using this command:

    logman export -n "Server Manager Performance Monitor" -xml SMPM.xml
  5. Open up the generated XML file and remove the entire section List of IDs then save the file.
  6. Open an elevated command prompt where the data collector set is missing and import the XML file:

    logman import -n "Server Manager Performance Monitor" -xml SMPM.xml
  7. Start the performance counters:

    logman start "Server Manager Performance Monitor"
  8. If you refresh the server in Server Manager, the performance data should now be available.
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