Fix Office 2000 problems with Windows Installer CleanUp

Thanks to Michael Noonan for the tip: Microsoft Corporation has released a Windows Installer CleanUp utility that can be used for Office 2000 troubleshooting. The Windows Installer CleanUp Utility, allows you to safely remove Windows Installer settings from your computer in the event of a problem. Although Microsoft says that Windows Installer is designed to be very robust, it is possible for it to become damaged if one of the following scenarios occurs:

  • The system Registry becomes corrupted.

  • A Registry setting used by the Windows Installer is inadvertently changed.

  • The installation of an application that uses Windows Installer (such as Microsoft Office 2000) is interrupted.

  • There are multiple instances of Setup running simultaneously, or an instance of Setup is "blocked".
There are separate versions of the utility for Windows 9x and Windows NT. Please visit the Microsoft Web site for details
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