First Impressions: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

First Impressions: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

We recently received a Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone (running on T-Mobile's 4G network) in for review at the Windows IT Pro editorial offices, so I decided to post some early photos and first impressions. We'll post our full review in the next week or two. (Update: Read the Samsung Galaxy S II review.)


 The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the leading Android smartphones available on the market today, and should be considered in the same lofty category at the Google Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Droid Razr. I've always felt that Samsung does an excellent job at phone hardware design, with a weighty, solid feel teamed with smooth, touchable surfaces.

The images included in the photo gallery (below) were taken with an iPhone 4S, a phone which I'll be comparing the Galaxy S II against over the next week or two. The phone used in all the comparison shots is an HTC Trophy running Windows Phone 7.5. I also used the excellent iPhone app Lumin to grab close-up images of some of the more interesting hardware details of the phone.


Are you currently using a Samsung Galaxy S II or another Android smartphone? Let me know what you think by adding a comment to this blog post or starting up a discussion on Twitter.

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