Feeling lucky? Grab the IE 5.5 Platform Preview

Microsoft Corporation has released the first beta of the upcoming Internet Explorer 5.5, dubbed a "Platform Preview," to MSDN customers via its MSDN Subscriber Downloads, paving the way for the public release later this week. Internet Explorer 5.5, which will be included in Windows Millennium when its released in mid-2000, improves on the stability of Microsoft's frequently patched IE 5.0 while adding a couple of new features such as an enhanced Print Preview. However, the feature-set and user interface is not being significantly updated in this release.

IE 5.5 can be installed on any version of Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0, but it will not install on beta or release candidate versions of Windows 2000.

While the Internet Explorer Web site hasn't yet been updated with IE 5.5 information, it probably will be before the end of the week.

Additionally, I'll be featuring IE 5.5 extensively in my review of Windows Millennium Beta 2, which I should have completed by the end of the week

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