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The Expanding Guide to Fixing Windows 8.1 App Store Issues

The Expanding Guide to Fixing Windows 8.1 App Store Issues

The Windows App Store can be temperamental, exhibiting many different issues such as missing app updates, app license corruption, and cached results that don't automatically refresh, among others. But, what happens with the Windows Store app won't load at all?

A good friend of mine, Dave Dixon, wrote a great original piece on resolving Windows App store load problems, and since then has had to turn it into a series because other issues resulted in different fixes. Once he had written a fix for one issue, customer comments produced other problems. So, Dave went to work locating resolutions for each one. Interestingly enough, a couple of the fixes involve PowerShell scripts, showing how to utilize Microsoft's latest scripting language with Windows 8.

If you have issues with the Windows Store app loading, check out Dave's series. And, if none of his current fixes solve your specific problem, he'd be happy to produce a solution just for you.

Here's the series as it stands:

Windows App Store doesn't load after 8.1 Upgrade

Windows 8.1 Store seems confused about online status after upgrade

Something happened and the install of Windows 8.1 can't be completed. (And now you're annoyed)

How to Remove Windows 8.1 Store Apps with PowerShell (when they won’t go quietly)

Windows 8.1 and the Nuclear Option Update#3

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