EXCLUSIVE: ISA Server goes Gold

Sources at Microsoft tell me that the company has finally signed off on Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server), the improved and expanded follow-up to Proxy Server. One of the final .NET Enterprise Servers to be completed, ISA Server adds software-based firewall and Web caching features to Windows 2000-based networks, while offering third party developers a platform on which to add services such as virus protection and content security.

"ISA Server 2000 delivers on Microsoft's commitment to secure computing in the digital age: It is critical to any organization's IT infrastructure," Paul Flessner, vice president of .NET Enterprise Servers at Microsoft, said last June when the product was announced. "Microsoft is excited about the breadth of support from leading vendors of Internet security and management software."

ISA Server will be initially available in English language versions with international versions to follow shortly. For more information, please visit the ISA Server Web site

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