Eubanks takes the stand in Microsoft trial

Former Symantec CEO Gordon Eubanks took the stand Wednesday in the Microsoft antitrust trial, testifying that Microsoft Corporation enjoyed a "natural monopoly" that benefited Symantec and many other companies in the computer industry. Eubanks admitted, however, that not every company can have the type of relationship that Symantec has with Microsoft and that Symantec got a "huge boost" from its partnership. But Eubanks says that Microsoft's grip on the industry isn't absolute.

"This is an industry that changes so rapidly," Eubanks said. "You either have to be aggressively looking toward the future or the future will overtake you. You don't have time to rest on your laurels and rake in the gold."

As an example, Eubanks demonstrated his Palm device, a handheld device that is pummeling Microsoft's Windows CE-based competitors.

"This is a very powerful computer," he said. "This type of stuff is changing how we use computers."

"People do not realize how transitory market position is," he said. "The operating system of five years ago will not hack it today.

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