EU Judge Vows Microsoft Ruling by September

Bo Vesterdorf, the president of the European Union (EU) Court of First Instance, revealed this week that he would issue a ruling on Microsoft's appeal of the EU antitrust case by September. That's when Vesterdorf will leave office.

"Obviously we would do our very best to get the case out as soon as at all possible," he said during a legal conference in Brussels, Belgium. "It's a very big case."

The EU found Microsoft in violation of its antitrust laws in 2004, fined the company about $613 million, and required it to make changes to Windows XP. Additionally, the EU required Microsoft to issue full and complete documentation for accessing its sever products. That documentation has yet to be signed off by the EU, however. Microsoft's tardiness resulted in a second $357 million fine that was assessed in July 2006.

Microsoft immediately appealed the original antitrust order. It is this appeal that Vesterdorf's Court of First Instance is currently considering.

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