Embedded NT closer to reality

As reported earlier in WinInfo, Microsoft is working on yet another version of Windows NT, a version that would be small enough to embed in office automation equipment or networking hardware. Well, Microsoft's goal of an embedded NT got closer to reality this week when the company announced that it was licensing technology from VenturComm that will componentize NT so only the necessary parts need be included. The idea of an embedded NT is somewhat confusing, however, given that Windows CE--which is based on Windows NT--seems to be made for this very market.

"Clearly, NT is not the best solution for all embedded applications," said Bob O'Brien, lead product manager for Microsoft BackOffice. "\[Embedded\] NT is geared for various interconnected types of devices."

VenturComm CEO Michael Dexter-Smith feels the deal, which also has Microsoft investing in his company, is a win-win scenario.

"This is a justification for everything we've been doing for a few years," he said. "This represents the opening of the floodgates for this market.

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