Ellison: Jobs will accept Apple CEO position

With friends like Larry Ellison, who needs enemies? Just a day after a Steve Jobs memo made the rounds explaining his decision not to accept the Apple CEO or Chairman positions, his billionaire buddy Ellison is quoted in a French interview saying that Jobs *will* take the chairman position.

Oracle's CEO was interviewed for today's La Tribune, a French financial newspaper, and said that he had accepted a position on Apple's Board of Directors. Jobs, he said, will become chairman. Ellison plans to invest millions of dollars of his own money in Apple.

"Rumors of my interest are well founded," Ellison told the newspaper. "On Monday, we'll introduce Apple's new management team, and I'm part of it."

"The market can't be made up solely of expensive and complicated computers. Today you need equipment that's easy to maintain and not too onerous for equipping schools and households," Ellison said.

Though Ellison is the CEO of a successful Silicon Valley company, anything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. Ellison's almost comical pronouncement about NCs, his supposed takeover of Apple Computer, and his sarcastic remarks about Microsoft have all come back to haunt him at various times

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