Egg on Apple's face: Macintosh not Y2K compliant after all

According to a report in TechWeb, a Canadian software company named Pedagoguery announced this week that the Apple Macintosh is not Year 2000 complaint, despite Apple's claims to the contrary. In fact, Apple took out a $1.3 million ad in last week's SuperBowl, featuring a "HAL" sound-alike, that depicted a post-2000 world where only Macintosh computers were still working.

Pedagoguery, which makes Y2K testing tools for the Macintosh, says that simply following Apple's programming documentation will cause Macintosh software to malfunction beginning January 1, 2000 if that software uses dates of any kind.

Apple's brief response notes that the Mac OS and most applications have been tested by the company and found to be compliant

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