Download cool Web Accessories for IE 5.0

Thanks to Keith Furman and Michael Tsang Kwong Yiu for the tip: Microsoft has made available a set of "Web Accessories" for Internet Explorer 5.0, for anyone that's been lucky enough to get it downloaded and installed today. Many of the accessories are actually pretty cool, including:

  • New Explorer bars from Alexa, Alta Vista and Bloomberg News.

  • IE 5.0 Web Accessories from Microsoft -- Eight neat little add-ins for IE such as zoom in/zoom out of images, custom search, text highlighting, links list, images list, open frame in new window and more.

  • Toolbar wallpaper -- customize the background of the IE 5 toolbar with bitmap wallpaper.

  • Power Tweaks Web Accessories -- Offline/Online toolbar button for mobile computer users, restriction commands, URL paste, and more.

  • Web Developer Accessories -- Two tools for Web developers, including a Document Object Model (DOM) tree viewer and selective view source.
All of these tools are available from the Web Accessories page on the Microsoft Web site
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