Domain Administration from an NT Workstation

Administering Windows NT domains doesn't have to take place only at a domain controller. You can also administer domains from an NT workstation. To do so, you need to install the NT Server client-based administration tools from the NT Server 4.0 installation CD-ROM on the workstation. From the \clients\srvtools\winnt folder, run setup.bat. The files will install into the \%systemroot%\system32 folder on your NT machine. This installation doesn't create shortcuts for you but only copies the files. Table A lists the tools you need to create shortcuts for.

TABLE A: NT Server 4.0 Client-Based Administration Tools
Tool Name Filename
DHCP Manager dhcpadmn.exe
System Policy Editor poledit.exe
Remote Access Administrator rasadmin.exe
Remoteboot Manager rplmgr.exe
Server Manager srvmgr.exe
Services for Macintosh sfmreg.exe
User Manager for Domains usrmgr.exe
WINS Manager winsadmn.exe
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