Does VERITAS do continuous data protection?

On June 2, VERITAS made the beta of Panther, a product marketed as a true continuous data protection solution, available for download . Panther combines the remove file system replication functionality of VERITAS Replication Exec with Windows 2003 Volume Snapshot Service (VSS) to create snapshot backups of data as often as every hour. Protected files are copied continuously to the backup server, so you can always recovery the most recent version of a file as well as versions from each periodic snapshot.

Other continuous data protection solutions on the market allow users to recovery to any arbitrary point in time rather than predefined fixed intervals. Speaking with VERITAS representatives at Tech Ed this week, I learned that their customers aren’t demanding more granular protection. I created an entry for continuous data protection on Wikipedia. Take a quick read an then let me know what you think both of VERITAS Panther technology and my definition in the comments to this article.

-- Adam Carhede
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