Did Microsoft shut down the NT Internals Web site?

I can't confirm this because the site's authors aren't speaking, but word on the Net is that Microsoft has shut down the NT Internals Web site (you can still find the goodbye message there). Started a few years ago my Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell, NT Internals was designed to share technical information about the inner workings of Windows NT. Mark Russinovich, in fact, gained some notoriety a year ago by introducing "NTFSDOS," which allowed Windows 95 and DOS users to browse Windows NT drives formatted with NTFS: previously, Microsoft said this was impossible. Mark is also responsible for numerous other cool Windows programs, which you can find out about at Andrew Schulman's "Unauthorized Windows 95" Update page.

According to the NT Internals Web site, the owners have "voluntarily" shut the site down. Rumor has it, however, that Microsoft didn't approve of the site posting undocumented APIs and providing utilities that take advantage of NT's secret designs. Microsoft allegedly has also recently shut down several "Memphis" Web sites, which were giving out information about the beta test

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