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Desktop Linux is Dead and the Number One OS

Look at my Google alert for “desktop OS” today:

google news linux

Never mind the actual stories these things link to. These headlines pretty much sum up the only two opinions you’re likely to find about Linux anywhere online. Either you’re a neckbearded loony for even considering desktop Linux or you’re weak-willed and lazy for allowing yourself to fall victim to any other OS.

I’ve got a Linux netbook that I still use fairly regularly, but it’s nowhere close to being my main PC—I’m usually on Windows 7 machines. Linux has some strengths (it’s free, it installs on a netbook with only 4GB of main storage, it doesn’t need antivirus protection, its performance is pretty good on even such a low-end machine) and some weaknesses (lack of software, difficult configuration).

Desktop Linux is great for some things and horrible for some things. It would be nice if I could read about it without being subjected to incendiary rants.

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