Denver, We Have A Problem

What IT pro were the Rockies listening to when they agreed to online-only World Series ticket sales?

What IT Pro Were the Rockies Listening To?

"We're shutting the system down, we're going to suspend it," said Rockies spokesman Jay Alves. "We're as frustrated as our fans are." According to Denver's Channel 7 ABC news station, which reported the shutdown at 12:30 p.m. Monday, "Alves said several hundred \[World Series\] tickets were sold \[online\] before the system was shut down. The system got 8.5 million hits in the first 90 minutes."

The Denver Post is now reporting the following, as of early afternoon:

"The software breakdown that forced the Colorado Rockies to suspend World Series ticket sales has had a rolling effect on other area organizations, including the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, which crashed shortly after 10 a.m. and remains off-line for ticket sales.

The problem was a breakdown in the ticketing software operated by Paciolan, the Irving, Calif., ticketing company that processes ticket orders for more than 200 clients across five primary markets including college athletics, performing arts, arenas, professional sports and museums. The software breakdown affected other clients throughout the area who also use Paciolan, including the DCPA, the University of Colorado football team and the National Western Stock Ticket Link.

Paciolan officials were in emergency meetings this afternoon and could not answer whether the breakdown is affecting all or just some of their other clients."

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