Dell unleashes new Inspiron notebooks

Dell Computer released its newest member of the Inspiron notebook line Monday, the Inspiron 4000, which falls between the consumer-oriented Inspiron 3800 and its larger Inspiron desktop-replacements. The Inspiron 4000 features the latest Intel microprocessors, such as the new 800 and 850 MHz Pentium III, and it weighs as little as 5.2 lbs. A choice of five removable "QuickSnap" color accent designs, located on the LCD back and palm rest, allow users to personalize their machines.

"Inspiron 4000 raises the bar for innovative notebook designs by offering an unprecedented level of power, personalization and design," says Dell Inspiron director of marketing Brad Blietz. "This is more than a powerful notebook--it’s an expression of style." The Inspiron 4000 begins at $1700 for a Celeron 600 model with a 14-inch screen.

The release of the new Inspiron, with promises of other new models to come in the months ahead, continues the recent redesign initiative at Dell that will eventually see all of the company's PC and notebook lines replaced by more impressively-designed devices. Dell is currently reshaping its OptiPlex managed PCs into curvaceous dark gray machines with light gray accents, while its best-selling desktop, the Dimension, will receive a similar design treatment soon. The company also announced last week that its Latitude notebooks for corporations are being remodeled. Dell has a reputation for not changing cases designs that often, making the recent transform all the more interesting: It's Dimension desktops were last restyled almost five years ago

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