Dell: Tech Market on the Rebound

In Germany for a speech to university students, Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell finally uttered the words that many financial analysts and high-tech watchers had wanted to hear: The tech market is ready for a rebound. Dell was in Karlsruhe, Germany, when he made the comments to a group of journalists covering his visit.

"As we talk to companies and institutions, they are looking for a return in profitability before \[they are\] going to renew growth in spending," Dell said "There are signs of stability \[in spending recovery\] though not much more than that."

Because of its sales volume and lower costs, Dell has weathered the economic downturn better than other PC makers. In fact, Michael Dell noted that holiday sales this year were "shaping up quite nicely" and that the company's biggest growth potential going forward comes from large server systems, data storage, and notebook computers. Dell said that his company will ship wireless access as a standard component in all notebook computers beginning next year. "That's where the real news is with notebook computers," he said. "\[Notebooks are\] how people use wireless data today."

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