D.C. Mayor Fires 9 Employees For Inappropriate Computer Use

Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty announced that 9 city employees were fired after a month long audit of the city's computer systems. The employees were found to have surfed porn and sex sites using city-owned computers.

"The residents of the District of Columbia have entrusted us with their tax dollars to provide essential services," said Fenty. "We must ensure that all government employees are using government resources appropriately to provide the best customer service possible."

The investigation began December 15, 2007 after an employee complained to the city's Property Management office that other employees were misusing computers. The initial investigation reveal "a high level of abuse" which prompted a more widespread audit to include all aspects of city government. A statement issued by the Mayor's office revealed that "Eighteen agencies were found to have employees that could potentially be sanctioned."

As a result of the investigation the city government has now install new filtering technology that can block access to unacceptable material and also present users with the city's Internet use and access policy.

TAGS: Security
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