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Is anybody but me still suffering the aftershock from the Daylight Saving Time (DST) switch here in the US? As an end user, I’m dealing with my Lotus Notes calendar being completely randomized. (Have I mentioned how much I do not like using Lotus Notes? Don’t get me started! It’s horrible! But fortunately, our company is in the process of migrating to Exchange and Outlook. That can’t happen fast enough for me and all of my team!)

            So returning from my digression: DST has obviously been on my mind. Then, Friday morning, we had a conference call with our contributing editors across the country and the conversation turned to Windows IT Pro’s coverage of the Daylight Saving Time (DST) problem. The point was made that we hadn’t provided a single point of entry for anyone wanting to research the implications of the time change. As a result of that conversation, I looked up the coverage we provided and gathered a list, which I’m providing below. The titles are hot-linked to the articles, so just click on a title to view the article. Better late than never!

            The other result of that conversation is that we’ll soon be introducing a new blog called “Situation Room.” This blog will provide a place for all of our editors to immediately discuss and cover hot topics such as DST or zero-day exploits or other topics requiring immediate action. This blog will also be the place where you can go to find continuously updated lists of our technical coverage of such issues.

DST Resources:


A script to verify your DST patch
WSUS and DST patch ”  
Windows 2000 DST Support
Windows Server 2003 DST Issues
Exchange DST Outlook Tool – Help  

Hotfix for new DST Rules

Daylight Time Zone Change


What is the Daylight Savings Time (DST) problem ?”


Exchange and Daylight Saving Time, Part 1
Exchange and Daylight Saving Time, Part 2

Exchange and Daylight Saving Time—Again !”
Greylisting Trips Up Exchange 2003

DST, Greylisting, and PBXs: Some Reader Questions Answered


Don’t Let Daylight Saving Time Sneak Up on You  

 “Daylight Saving Time Update for Windows NT and Window 9x

Winter Forward, Fall Back

Time for a Time Update

Script Improves Upon Microsoft's Daylight Saving Time Patch ” 
Prepare Your Systems for the Upcoming Daylight Savings Time Changes

Let me know if this is helpful to you. If you have suggestions for other ways we can make life easier, please comment below or email me at [email protected]

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