Darknet Aims To Keep Net Traffic Confidential

A new "darknet" service launched in Sweden gives people anonymity for 5 euros (about $6.50 USD) per month. The service lets people communicate over the Internet using a PPTP VPN with 128-bit encryption where traffic is routed through servers in Sweden. The service is being offered by the Swedish Pirate Party, which the party claims "is Sweden's largest political party outside Parliament." The service is hosted by Relakks.

As with any VPN, the operators of the service sit in between the end user and the sites that user might contact over the VPN. Therefore users of the service must trust Relakks to not invade their privacy.

The service is open to anyone in the world and claims to provide high-speed connectivity. Relakks said that while Swedish government can in fact demand subscriber information in instances where it can demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that illegal activity is taking place, the company does not retain any subscriber information other than what subscribers provide when they sign up for the service.

As news of the new service spread both Relakks' and the company's payment processing partner's service became overloaded. A message on Relakks' Web site states that the company is working to resolve the load problems.

TAGS: Security
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