Dan Holme's Masterclass heads to Munich

Windows IT Pro is bringing Dan Holme's Masterclass 2010 series of seminars to Germany in July.

The American guru is heading to the Dolce Hotel in Unterschleissheim, Munich, on July 1 and 2. Holmes' sessions on the first day will focus on Windows 7, Windows Server and Active Directory. On the second day he will present a masterclass on SharePoint 2010 collaboration. London dates will be announced in next month's edition of Windows IT Pro News EMEA.

Hawaii-based MVP Dan Holme needs little introduction to regular readers of this newsletter. He is a contributing editor to Windows IT Pro magazine and his articles feature here on an almost monthly basis. On top of that, he's director of consulting for a firm that delivers services for enterprise-sized Windows shops as well as being the Microsoft technologies consultant for U.S. network TV station NBC's coverage of the Olympics.

Holme's July 1 agenda kicks off with a rapid-fire guide to automating deployment of Windows 7 with the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Windows Deployment Services. This is followed by a look at tools and tricks for providing apps to users effectively, whether its via Group Policy, System Center Configuration Manager or DIY application management tools.

After lunch, attendees will find out how to implement role-based management whereby users are defined by their business roles and where resource access and configuration are instantly, accurately and auditably applied. After that, there will be session on rethinking the way administrative tasks are delegated by applying concepts of role-based management and least-privilege to administrators themselves.

The last session of the day is entitled: "Administrators' Idol: tips and tricks for administrative automation and brilliance" where Holmes will share dozens of highly practical ways to increase the productivity of admins. Conference-goers will learn to automate and facilitate administrative tasks through the creation of powerful customised scripts, HTAs, and MMC consoles. Plus there will be analysis of the tools Holmes has built to support NBC TV during the Vancouver and, indeed, Beijing Olympic Games.

July 2's SharePoint 2010 Collaboration Masterclass is aimed both at IT people who are
just beginning to work out the massive potential of the platform and those who are planning to migrate to SharePoint 2010 from previous versions. Topics include a SharePoint Administration "jump-start" which explains what you need to know to administer SharePoint in 90 minutes, a look at how to use SharePoint document libraries as a replacement for traditional file shares, and driving end-user adoption with Office applications as SharePoint clients.

Holme will also explain how to build "business intelligence-lite" and business process automation solutions that are code-free (or, at least, low-code) using Office clients and SharePoint Designer as well as how to align SharePoint 2010 with a business's strategic objectives.

Each day's masterclass costs €350 or €600 for both days. For full details and registration see the Dan Holme's Masterclass 2010 web pages at NT4Admins, Windows IT Pro's partner in Germany.


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