Performance Monitor

CSV Cache Benefits

Q: How can I view how much read I/O is being satisfied using CSV Cache?

A: Several performance counters show the amount of read I/O that is satisfied from disk, from the CSV cache, and the total, which allows you to determine how much of the I/O is being satisfied using CSV Cache. The specific Performance Monitor counters are all available under the Cluster CSV Volume Cache group. I prefer the following counters:

  • Cache IO Read - Bytes : Read I/O satisfied from CSV Cache
  • Disk IO Read - Bytes : Read I/O satisfied directly from disk
  • IO Read - Bytes : Total Read I/O

Other counters show the current size and configuration of the CSV cache. As you can see in my example, the CSV cache is responsible for satisfying more than half of all the reads from my Cluster Shared Volumes. (This is with a 4GB CSV cache configured.)

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