Corel will not bundle full Communicator in office suite

Corel announced this week that its upcoming Corel Office suites (which will include WordPerfect 8) will not include the full functionality of Netscape Communicator. Corel had announced a month ago that Communicator would be bundled with the product, suggesting that the full product would be included. This is not the case.

Apparently, the product will only include the personal information manager portion of Communicator, which includes a calendar, a scheduler, an address book, and a card file. Additional Communicator components have fallen behind schedule and will be made available later this year. These components include the Navigator browser, Messenger e-mail, Collabra groupware, Composer HTML editor, and Netscape Conference module for audio- conferencing.

WordPerfect 8 began beta-testing this week and will be available in May

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