Copernic Technologies releases Copernic 2000

Copernic Technologies has released a new version of its excellent Internet search application, dubbed Copernic 2000, that is now available in three editions: Copernic 2000, Copernic 2000 Plus, and Copernic 2000 Pro. The new Pro edition includes features that are designed to satisfy even the most demanding user.

"The arrival of Copernic 2000 greatly increases our technological edge, which is already quite significant in relation to our competitors," says Martin Bouchard, CEO of Copernic Technologies Inc. "Have you ever dreamed of a tool that is powerful enough to allow you to program your searches so that they are executed, for example, on a daily basis, automatically, while you are asleep? What would you say if, in addition, it were possible to receive e-mail, first thing in the morning, providing a report on new documents targeting your specific information needs? Well, all that has become a reality, thanks to Copernic 2000 Pro."

Copernic 2000 Pro works its magic using scheduled searching, email search reports, and various automated capabilities. But all of the Copernic 2000 products are powerful, offering target searches of dozens or even hundreds of Internet search engines automatically. A revamped user interface with tighter Internet Explorer integration features round out the list of nicely executed new features.

I've recommended Copernic in the past and I have no reservations about giving it a hearty thumbs-up once again. This is the search engine I use every day and it's made finding information on the Internet seamless and simple. For more information, please visit the Copernic Web site.

Copernic 2000 is now available for free from the Web. The Plus edition costs approximately $40 while the Pro edition will set you back about $80

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