Copernic 99 offers better Web searching

WUGNET is featuring an amazing tool this week in its award-winning Shareware Pick of the Week, one that I simply must tell you about. Copernic 99 from Copernic Technologies allows you to search the Web in a way that is far more powerful and useful than anything you'll get in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator: Search results are relevant and sorted properly, using any amazing array of search management tools. And it's not just the Web: Copernic 99 searches USENET newsgroups and email address directories as well. A Categories bar allows you to find information that is particular to certain subjects, such as music, movies or health. And a simple Search Wizard makes searching easy.

Indeed, it is the searching capabilities in Copernic 99, which allow you to simultaneously search the Web using over 30 search engines, which really set this tool apart. And Copernic will optionally integrate right into Internet Explorer, giving you easy access to its powerful features while you're browsing the Web.

For more information, and the free download, please visit the Copernic 99 Web site.

There is also a Copernic 99 Plus product, available for about $30, which includes more advanced features. I suspect many readers are going to want to go for the full version: This is an incredible product and a worthy addition to any Web surfer's arsenal

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