Configure site-awareness in Windows Server 2016

Configure site-awareness in Windows Server 2016

Q. How do I configure the sites in Windows Server 2016 site-awareness?

A. There are two modes for site awareness; automatic and manual.

To enable the automatic site-awareness based on Active Directory sites for the cluster use:

(Get-Cluster).AutoAssignNodeSite = 1

To manually define you must first create the sites then assign the site to nodes. For example:

#Create Sites
New-ClusterFaultDomain –Name Dallas –Type Site –Description "Primary" –Location "Dallas DC"
New-ClusterFaultDomain –Name Houston –Type Site –Description "Secondary" –Location "Houston DC"

#Set site membership for nodes
Set-ClusterFaultDomain –Name Node1 –Parent Dallas
Set-ClusterFaultDomain –Name Node2 –Parent Dallas
Set-ClusterFaultDomain –Name Node3 –Parent Houston
Set-ClusterFaultDomain –Name Node4 –Parent Houston


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