CompuServe upgrades service

CompuServe today announced a major redesign of its online service that reorganizes its popular online forums (similar to Internet newsgroups) into twenty one menu-driven communities. CompuServe is also testing 56-Kbps access with over one thousand corporate customers. These announcements come during a tough time for the company, which as has over 2 million U.S. subscribers, and over 5 million world-wide. CompuServe dropped their consumer-oriented service, "Wow", in November, and acknowledged earlier this month that it is looking for a buyer.

CompuServe executives said the reorganization will help the service better target its primary audience: business and technical users. CompuServe serves its core users with excellent connectivity that is unparalleled at other online services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The company is also working to put major portions of the service on the Web, probably with a partnership with either Earthlink or AT&T Worldnet. They are expected to have most services available over the Web by the end of the year

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