Compaq just says no to Windows terminals

Compaq Computer Corporation has decided to stick with the Net PC and pass on Windows terminals, the company revealed this week. While the company is interested in so-called "thin" clients, it has no desire to sell stripped "bottom-of-the-barrel" terminals.

"We looked at the terminal market and said, 'Well, it's still a relatively small part of the market,'" said Michael Takemura, a product marketing manager for Compaq. "Most of the customers we talked to said that the \[Net PC\] proposition in terms of cost of ownership is better than the terminal \[proposition\]."

The market for stripped computers, be they extremely low-end Windows terminals or sealed-cased Net PCs is expected to be low.

"We have estimated the entire aggregate of the market for Net PCs, NC, and Windows terminals to be 10 to 15%."

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