Companies discuss the standardization of Java

The Java Group's first informal meeting to discuss the standardization of the popular Internet programming language left attendees from Microsoft disappointed. Teams from JavaSoft, Microsoft, IBM and Hewlett Packard met this week with the International Standards Organization (ISO) to hammer out details of the move. Microsoft was not amused with Sun's antics: "Even though the meeting was in Sun's building, they only deigned to attend for about half an hour," said Charles Fitzgerald, (yet another) program manager from Microsoft who was present at the meeting. "They seriously hedged their comments about their likely involvement. They made it pretty clear they had no intention of actually standardizing Java." Sun officials disagreed, saying the company was committed to standardizing Java. At issue here is the collection of Java's class libraries, which Microsoft wants standardized as quickly as possible. Sun isn't sure that it wants the class libraries to be part of the standardized Java spec. The group did make three decisions, at least: • to write a letter to Sun urging the company to open all aspects of Java to standardization • to appoint an editor to compile all technical issues associated with Java • to set up subcommittees to tackle future issues. A time frame for the standardization will be decided this year

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